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Perhaps you need help lifting your bobcat onto a truck that will transport it to its destination. Or maybe you want to install a new AC unit on your rooftop and need help lifting the system? Either way, Camejo Crane can help you! We are a renowned crane service provider in Naples, FL, and our professional team can help you with all kinds of tasks requiring crane assistance.

Our Services

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal
When you need to remove tall and old trees, one of the best ways is to partner with a crane specialist who knows how to handle such jobs. Whether you are a local arborist or an individual in need of assistance, we can help you! 

Crane-Assisted Shed Installation

Crane-Assisted Shed Installation
Delivering prefab sheds to your location can be a hassle, especially if the order is bulky and your provider does not have the equipment to handle the work. Setting up a shed requires expertise. We have the tools and crane rental needed to help you with this step of your project. 

Crane-Assisted AC Installation

Crane-Assisted AC Installation
We are helping with AC unit installations as well. We will handle all the lifting work without causing any damage to your new equipment. We can help with the hauling of the old system too. Let us know upfront, and we can give you an accurate estimate.

Crane-Assisted Heavy Equipment Lifting

Crane-Assisted Heavy Equipment Lifting
Our heavy equipment crane can lift various machines, including construction equipment, bobcats, trailers, containers, and even RVs. Whatever you need to raise, be sure to tell our team. We will come fully prepared for the job!

Mini Crawler Crane Rental 

Mini Crawler Crane Rental
Mini crawler cranes are a popular choice among contractors as they are powerful pieces of service crane machinery for construction and other types of industrial applications. They are compact cranes designed to be highly maneuverable. This makes them ideal for tight spaces or on job sites where access is limited.

Why Should You Call Our Team?

Living heavy equipment and units is not something you can safely do on your own. Special equipment, as well as expertise in such jobs, is a requirement. Instead of DIYing the job, make sure you call our crane lift rental service providers. They can help you lift anything from heavy tree trunks or construction materials to boats and heavy machines! Through our excellent services, we help individuals and businesses meet their lifting needs safely and efficiently.


Our Process 

Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert experience in this line of work allow us to meet our customers’ expectations and get their projects completed on time. Our heavy equipment crane operators are knowledgeable, expertly trained, and highly skilled for the job. They have helped numerous customers with their superior crane services, ensuring all tasks meet the highest standards. Fully insured and accredited for this job, we are sure to do a great job for you!


When you need a professional yet affordable crane service in Naples, FL, be sure to contact Camejo Crane. We will be happy to address your concerns and provide you with an upfront estimate.

Client’s Testimonial

by Alfreda L. Hall on Camejo Crane

We are happy with the affordable crane service they provided last month. We had a very old tree that needed removing, but our contactor could not handle the job by himself. He called these guys. We are super happy with how everything turned out in the end. The price was great too! Highly recommended!

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